Trump on Why He’s Talking Caravan, Not the Economy: ‘I Want to Solve Problems,’ Not Talk About Doing a ‘Great Job’

During a rally in Florida on Saturday, President Donald Trump addressed the recent media questions about why — given the recent positive economic reports —  he is focusing his talk and energies on the migrant caravan and not the economy.

Speaking of the jobs report, Trump said this: “They were awfully good numbers. It’s very interesting, some of the fake news was saying, I was watching, ‘why doesn’t he talk about the economy? Why does he talk about immigration? And what’s coming up with the caravan, why does he talk about the caravan when he has got maybe the best numbers on the economy in the history of our country?'”

Trump then gave this explanation: “We can talk about the economy, but the fact is we know how well we are doing with the economy, and we have to solve problems. I’m looking to solve problems, not talk into the fact that we have done a great job. And we have done a great job, on the economy.”

The president then claimed we now “have the hottest economy anywhere on Earth.”

Trump did not mention which outlet he was watching when he heard questions about the caravan but yesterday on CNN, Jeffrey Toobin and Wolf Blitzer engaged in a discussion on that very topic. The president has repeatedly implied he does not watch CNN.

Watch above, via C-SPAN

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