Trump Picks Question from New Hampshire Reporter Who ‘Looks Nice’

PicMonkey Collage - TrumpDuring his New Hampshire town hall, Donald Trump went over his familiar talking points — ranging from his dislike of sanctuary cities, to the lingering questions regarding how he whines until he wins.

Trump has been having a rough time recently as he feels that the press is asking him tough questions. Yet when the town hall broached comfortable issues and subjects, Trump threw a few bones to reporters.

When asked about the polling comparisons that put him above Hillary Clinton in North Carolina, Trump made it clear that he “[loves] that question. This is a great guy.” Trump proceeded to answer, but before doing so, he called out a previous reporter who asked about the cost of illegal immigration, saying “why can’t you ask me a question like that?”

Trump took the next reporter’s question, saying that he “looks so nice,” but when he was questioned about the polling population not voting for him, he defensively retorted that his numbers remain high. Trump then bemoaned the final question, challenging the reporter to ask a more positive question instead.

The question turned out to be about his solution for ISIS, to which Trump said he would consider a boots-on-the-ground strategy.

Watch the segment here, courtesy of Fox News:

[Image via screengrab]

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