Trump Rails Against ‘Terrible’ Edward Snowden On Fox: ‘There Is Still A Thing Called Execution’

Donald Trump made his Monday morning call to Fox & Friends, this time to remind us that, in the good old days, spies used to be executed. The ordeal surrounding NSA leaker Edward Snowden is embarrassing and illustrates that we’ve become a “very different nation,” he asserted. (With a requisite quip about how President Obama‘s own records haven’t been leaked.)

Repeatedly, Trump told viewers that Snowden is simply a “terribly guy” — and our inability to get him back shows how weak the U.S. has been.

“Spies in the old days used to be executed,” Trump noted. “Now nobody knows where he is. But we have to get him back, and we have to get him back fast. They’re talking about it could take years, it could take months, but maybe years. That would be pathetic.”

Meanwhile, Russia’s likely getting tons of information out of him, he argued. Eventually Trump circled back to a point he made at the beginning of the segment.

“This guy is a bad guy,” he reasserted. “And you know, there is still a thing called execution. You have to take a strong hand. You have thousands of people with access to the kind of material like this. We’re not going to have a country any longer.”

Welp: not going to have a country any longer.

Take a look, via Fox News:

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