Trump Repeatedly Connects Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders to Dayton Shooting…But Doesn’t Blame Them


President Donald Trump insists that he doesn’t hold Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders accountable for the situation in Dayton, and yet, he has repeatedly invoked the two Democratic senators in connection with the Ohio shooting.

Earlier today, Trump implied a direct connection to the shooting when he complained on Twitter that the media isn’t doing enough coverage on how the Dayton killer supported Warren, Sanders and other left-wing politics on social media. During a press scrum at the White House later on, Trump was asked what he thinks of critics who “believe that your rhetoric is emboldening white nationalists and inspiring this anger.”

“If you look at Dayton,” Trump answered, “that was a person that supported – I guess you would say – Bernie Sanders, I understood, Antifa I understood, Elizabeth Warren I understood. Had nothing to do with President Trump. So these are people that are looking for political gain.”

The presser continued with Trump invoking Warren and Sanders again, complaining that “nobody ever mentions” the shooter’s support for them (CNN has). Eventually, Trump switched gears and said “I don’t blame Elizabeth Warren and I don’t blame Bernie Sanders in the case of Ohio. I don’t blame anybody. I blame — these are sick people. These are people that are really mentally ill and mentally disturbed.”

A reminder: Trump’s rhetoric echoes the racist, anti-immigrant manifesto the El Paso shooter allegedly published over the weekend. By contrast, investigators have yet to find any evidence that the Dayton shooter acted with a racial or political motive.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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