Trump Reportedly Once Bragged He Could Have ‘Done A Deal’ to Avoid Civil War

Author Jon Meacham revealed on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Tuesday that he once had a conversation with then-candidate Donald Trump, where the billionaire claimed that he could have negotiated a compromise that would have avoided the Civil War.

“[Trump] told me a year and a half ago or  — a year ago — that, you know, he thought he could have done a deal to have averted the [Civil] War,” Meacham said.

Moments earlier, host Joe Scarborough emphasized that “a President of the United States who says, hey, nobody has ever asked the question, ‘why did we have a civil war’ is — again, I know of no adult in my 54 years of living that would ever come close to uttering that question.”

Meacham replied by contending that “it’s a projection of the President’s fundamental and enveloping narcissism.”

The guest, who wrote a Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of Andrew Jackson, whom the President admires, soon added that “the presidency itself enhances your fundamental characteristics. It’s very hard, once you’re there, to change.”

Meacham asserted that “some people do [change], and that’s why we talk about them as great presidents. But most people, once they’re in the Oval Office, actually just become more like themselves. And I think, in this case, that’s on a potentially tragic trajectory.”

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