comScore Trump Rips 'Idiot' Woodward Over 'Fiction Book'

Trump Rips ‘Idiot’ Woodward Over ‘Fiction Book’ In North Dakota Speech


Donald Trump is speaking from Fargo, North Dakota today, so of course, he seized the opportunity to trash Bob Woodward over his bombshell-filled book on the state of the White House.

As the president bragged about the state of the economy and slammed America’s trading partners over their years of alleged unfairness, he eventually pivoted to “this idiot Woodward” for what he wrote about Trump’s staff and their frantic efforts to clean up the messes he makes with his chaotic, enraged behavior.

“By the way then this idiot Woodward who wrote this fiction book said I said that, but he put it in a crude manner. The concept is true but the way it was said was very – hey, I went like to the best college…”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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