Trump Says Hunter Biden Story is ‘Fading Away,’ Blames Media: ‘You Can’t Have a Scandal if Nobody Writes About it’


During his last day of political rallies on the eve of his reelection bid, President Donald Trump appeared to admit that the Hunter Biden story wasn’t resonating any longer, blaming the media for ignoring it.

During the first of many rallies, this one held in Fayetteville, NC, Trump blasted the media for not covering a story that received exhaustive coverage on Fox News, the New York Post, as well as the entire ecosystem of conservative pro-Trump blogs and talk radio.

“He’s a corrupt politician,” Trump said of his rival, former Vice President Joe Biden, adding, “I don’t care it. Everybody knows it’s true.”

“They took The New York Post down for two weeks,” he said, calling out Twitter’s now temporary suspension for breaking their guidelines, which they have since reversed. Trump then lit into the lack of coverage of what he clearly deemed as a scandalous activity.

“Outside of what I say, it’s fading away,” Trump lamented. “You can’t have a scandal if nobody writes about it. We have the fake news not writing about it and the Big Tech not writing. How can you have a scandal? Nobody’s talking about it. It’s called suppression.”

The Hunter Biden story came to light roughly three weeks ago when Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani got his hands on what he alleged to be a copy of a hard drive that Hunter Biden left at a Delaware computer repair shop.

Since then, some of the material that has come forth has been confirmed to be true, but larger allegations of corruption made by Tony Bobulinski have yet to be confirmed by any reputable news outlet. In fact, the Wall Street Journal report effectively undermined many of the scandalous questions raised by Giuliani and many other pro-Trump media surrogates.

In other words, many news outlets have refrained from covering what Trump believes is a scandal because they have not been given access to the curiously sourced material or have researched it and have found no scandal exists.

In other words, reputable news programs and print outlets practiced solid journalism..

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