Trump Shoots Down Independent Russia Investigation: ‘I Don’t Think You Need It’


During Donald Trump‘s interview with Fox’s Jeanine Pirro, the president was asked about whether he would allow for an independent investigation in order to establish that his 2016 campaign did not collude with Russia. Pirro asked about this because Trump could keep taking blowback over James Comey‘s firing if the president didn’t resolve the questions about Russia more quickly.

During the interview, Trump talked about how James Clapper said there was no evidence of his campaign’s collusion with Russia (even though Clapper somewhat refuted this during the week). Pirro asked Trump that, if he was sure that he and his campaign were clean, why not have an independent commission “get it out of the White House” so the case gets closed.

Trump said he was fine with the investigations being held in the House of Representatives and the Senate, because they are being held by “very ethical, very smart” people. Trump said he would allow the Congressional investigations to take their time because “I don’t want it ever to be a question again,” that there was no collusion.

Pirro said that until Trump takes the matter off the table, the country won’t be able to focus on his accomplishments while people “play politics” with the negative details. When Trump said he’d let the investigations continue as is, Pirro asked once more “so no independent investigation?”

“I don’t think you need it,” Trump responded.

Trump also suggested during the interview that he might end White House Press Briefings, and he insisted that he never asked Comey to swear loyalty to him. When Trump was asked about his now-infamous “tapes” tweet, Trump declined to clarify on whether he taped his conversations with Comey.

Watch above, via Fox.

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