Trump Sings the Praises of Jared Kushner: ‘He’s a High-Quality Person’

President Donald Trump gushed about Jared Kushner on Friday when asked if he would grant him a reprieve from Chief of Staff John Kelly‘s crackdown on staffers with interim White House security clearance.

Ever since the Rob Porter scandal broke weeks ago, there has been a great deal of renewed intrigue about how many people, including Kushner, are working in the White House fully-realized complete security clearance. The most recent reports on this development suggest that Kushner not only failed to note some of his foreign contacts on personal disclosure forms, but he is also dealing with a lot of debt and locking horns with Kelly over the possibility of losing his clearance.

When the president was asked about his son-in-law, he called Kushner a “high-quality person” who is doing “truly outstanding” work for no salary. Even though the president recently said Israel and Palestine will never reach a deal for peace, Trump also praised Kushner for his part in the negotiations between the two countries.

“It’s a broken system and it shouldn’t take this long,” Trump said with regard to the clearance process. “General Kelly respects Jared a lot, and General Kelly will make that call. I won’t make that call, I will let the general, who is right here, make that call, but Jared is doing some very important things for our country.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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