Trump Slams Pelosi, Schumer Over Border Wall Battle: ‘Democrats Will Soon Be Known as the Party of Crime’


President Donald Trump is throwing Twitter barbs at Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi again for their refusal to give into his federal funding demands for a border wall. This comes as the battle between him and Congress rages on while the government shutdown enters its 25th day.

In his latest tweets, Trump cites the news that another Central American migrant caravan is heading north, towards the U.S. southern border. As such, Trump is referring to Democrats as the “Party of Crime” while demanding his congressional opponents to “stop playing political games” over his barricade.

In case you were wondering by the way, the answer is yes.

The new caravan was featured on Fox & Friends today when Griff Jenkins delivered a report on it from Honduras. Fox has also covered a Quinnipiac University poll showing 56% of Americans blame Trump and the GOP for the shutdown, plus 63% of voters disagree with using the shutdown to force wall funding.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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