Trump Stated 8 Complete Falsehoods in Tucker Carlson Interview. The Fox Host Corrected Him 0 Times.


President Donald Trump – surprise, surprise – didn’t totally tell the truth in his interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

Nestled between a plethora of half-truths and fudges on the economy, immigration, and the DNC, Trump told a bunch of out-and-out lies, which Carlson – despite his frequent insistence that the media fails to report facts and that governmental institutions cannot be trusted – did not check.

Here are the absolute lies our Commander-in-Chief told with Tucker Tuesday:

1. “In World War II, Russia lost 50 million people.”

In an attempt to explain his kowtowing to Putin, Trump informed Carlson that Russia fought with the US in World War II. In doing so, he proclaimed that Russia “lost 50 million people.”

Not even close. Russia did suffer heavy, heavy casualties in WWII, but they didn’t lose nearly 50 million people. The actual number’s about 20 million people.

2. USA funds 90 percent of NATO.

“I think 90 percent is the right number,” Trump said of the percentage of NATO the U.S. funds. Doesn’t matter what you think, Mr. President; the actual number is 22 percent:

3. NATO countries are “delinquent”

As PolitiFact pointed out the last time Trump said this, it’s totally false. NATO countries are not “deliquent” and don’t owe the US money.

“It most certainly is not true, as the president has suggested repeatedly, that other NATO countries owe us money,” Christopher Preble, vice president for defense and foreign policy studies at the Cato Institute, told PolitiFact. “The two percent figure refers to what each country spends on its defense, as a share of that country’s GDP. It does not imply owing the U.S. anything.”

Trump also claimed some unspecified NATO countries “weren’t even paying,” which is, of course, nonsense.

4. NATO Secretary-General said NATO raised $44 billion last year “because of Trump.”

First off, the number is $41 billion. And how we got here is a little complicated: After Trump falsely claimed that during the NATO summit, countries pledged to contribute $44 billion more to the alliance, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg clarified in a speech that those numbers referred to spending increases the previous year.

“Since President Trump took office, European Allies and Canada have added an additional $41 billion to their defense spending,” Stoltenberg said.

Despite Trump’s repeated claims, he can’t take sole credit for the increase in NATO spending.

5. “We’ve already started the wall”

This would be news to Ann Coulter. The $1.6 billion Trump is referring to is actually going towards replacing old fencing on the border. It was approved as part of Congress’ omnibus spending bill, the same one Republicans complained didn’t allocate any funding towards Trump’s border wall.

6. “The Democrats are for open borders”

While Democrats oppose Trump’s border wall, not a single prominent lawmaker has endorsed “open borders,” which would allow for free movement between the US and the countries on its borders. As Chuck Schumer has pointed out, his own bipartisan immigration bill allocated $40 billion for border security.

“Why do you think they want that?” an amazed Carlson asked Trump.

7. The FBI isn’t looking at “the Pakistani man” who “left with these three servers” from the DNC

Completely false. Trump made this claim during his press conference with Putin, and it was false then too. First off, the man of whom the president was speaking, Imran Awan, is a US citizen who emigrated from Pakistan, but never worked at the DNC.

The FBI conducted a “thorough investigation” into Awan, and cleared him of espionage charges. He was, however, charged with making a false statement on a loan application.

8. “We don’t have any [immigration] laws”

Trump’s full quote fact-checks itself: “Our laws are so bad. We have the worst laws anywhere in the world. We have the worst immigration laws in the world. We don’t have any law. We have the opposite to law.”

Given Carlson’s track record for berating his liberal guests when they botch facts, one would expect the most powerful man in the world to face the same scrutiny.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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