Trump Stumbles All Over Himself When Asked a Single Foreign Policy Question by O’Reilly

Trump Stumbles All Over Himself When Asked a Single Foreign Policy Question 

It’s not that the following question from O’Reilly Factor host Bill O’Reilly on Monday night is all that difficult to understand: “If you’re elected President, are you going to take military action against Iran?”

It just seems so damn hard to answer for Donald Trump, who bobbed, weaved, and danced his way through an assortment of stumbling responses, ultimately settling on nothing.

“Well I would want to help Saudi Arabia,” is how the real estate mogul began. But instead of responding whether or not he would in fact use military force against a nation that is currently outraged over the recent execution of a Shiite cleric, Trump veered off course towards economics instead.

He continued, “But Saudi Arabia is going to have to help us economically. They were making — before the oil went down — now they’re making half (sic). But they were making a billion dollars a day…”

O’Reilly cut Trump off, accusing him of dodging the question. After more back-and-forth that yielded sheer nonsense from the man leading the race to earn the Republican nomination, O’Reilly pressed on, saying, “Look, the election is this year. If you’re elected President, and you don’t like the [Iranian nuclear] deal, are you gonna bomb their nuclear facilities? Are you gonna do that?”

The moment that Trump realized that he was in a corner that he is neither experienced enough nor capable of backing himself out of, he opted, instead, for the route of I don’t have to answer that question because I’m going to be the President and my superpower will be unpredictability.

“Bill I want to do what’s right,” replied the clueless man mere weeks from political victory. “I want to be unpredictable. I’m not gonna tell you right now what I’m gonna do.” He then shifted the conversation to President Barack Obama and the removal of troops from Iraq, chastising not the political action involved, but instead attacking the fact that Obama dared to clearly communicate those intentions to the voters.

“Don’t the voters have a right to know how far you’re gonna go?” asked O’Reilly.

Simply put from Trump: “No, they don’t”.

Got that America? The man with 35% of party voter support doesn’t think we have a right to know his proposed military action because we want a leader who will lead us with the gift of randomness.

Eventually, O’Reilly, like many of us, just gave up. The exchange begins at the 7:00 minute mark in the video above, from Fox News.

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