Trump Supporter On Hillary Winning: ‘I Dislike the Woman So Much That I May Go Underground’

trump-voter-undergroundeditedAt Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s midday rally in Ohio today, MSNBC reporter Jacob Rascon caught up with some Trump supporters and asked them their opinions on their candidate’s comments about questioning next month’s election results.

Rascon first discussed the news that was made at the rally, where Trump told the gathered audience that he would accept the results — if he wins. he then noted that he talked with dozens of voters who attended the rally today and played some footage.

While some said Trump would concede if he lost, others stated that should be checking for corruption. He then threw it back to host Hallie Jackson in the studio.

Jackson mentioned the close poll numbers in Ohio before playing another clip of Rascon talking to voters who said they won’t accept Hillary Clinton winning. The footage included this gem from one woman.

“Personally accept it? There’s no way…I dislike the woman so much that I may go underground!”

Jackson followed that up with a discussion with Cincinnati reporter Jesse Balmer, who seemed a bit taken aback with the voter’s statement.

Watch the segment above, via MSNBC.

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