Trump Supporter Warns CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan of Future ‘Civil War’ if Trump is Not Reinstated This Summer: ‘You Guys are Going Down’


CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan caught up with several Donald Trump supporters at his campaign-style rally in Ohio this weekend, during which one attendee warned the reporter of a potential “civil war” if the former president were not reinstated this summer.

The Trump supporters O’Sullivan spoke to all agreed on at least one thing — the “big lie.”

“He didn’t lose. He didn’t lose. I know he didn’t lose,” one rally attendee told O’Sullivan after he noted that this is Trump’s first rally since President Joe Biden was instated.

The rally was filled with apparel and signs claiming Trump won the 2020 election, along with other more simple slogans such as, “Biden sucks.”

O’Sullivan pressed one attendee on a shirt that read “Trump won,” asking which election she was referring to.

“It’s about all of them, and 2020, and the next one,” she replied.

Another Trump supporter alleged that the January 6 insurrection was “all staged,” adding, “I truly believe that.”

O’Sullivan explained to viewers that there is a fresh conspiracy theory claiming Trump will be reinstated as president this summer — speaking to some at the rally who thought just that.

“He’s coming back soon, and you guys are going down,” a Trump supporter who identified as Ron told O’Sullivan. “The military already knows it was a fraud. He won by over 80 percent.”

“He’s coming back before the middle of August,” Ron added, prompting O’Sullivan to ask, “And what if that doesn’t happen?”

“We’re going to be in a civil war because the militia will be taking over,” he responded.

O’Sullivan also passed a man in a “Proud Boy” t-shirt, asking him to chat by admitting, “I’ve always wanted to talk to a Proud Boy.”

The man declined O’Sullivan’s offer, but lucky for the CNN reporter, a member of the Three Percenters was available for a quick interview.

When asked if the violence a the Capitol on January 6 was a “stain” on Trump’s presidency, the self-proclaimed Three Percenter said no, adding that he was at the building that day.

“Didn’t go in. None of that stuff. I don’t believe in tearing up the Capitol,” he added, later confirming that many members of the Three Percenters are being questioned by the FBI about their role in the insurrection.

Watch above, via CNN.

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