Trump Takes Credit for Predicting NYC Blast Was a Bomb: ‘I Called It Before the News’


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump hit back at criticism that he called the explosion in New York City a ‘bomb’ before there was any official confirmation that it was intentional, saying that he deserved credit for predicting it before the news did.

Trump went on a tear against the media for criticizing his statement while ignoring the fact that his opponent Hillary Clinton also called the blast a ‘bombing’ before official confirmation. He even accused CNN in particular of “editing it out” from Clinton’s statement the same way CBS edited out a damaging gaffe from Bill Clinton.

“They took it out,” Trump complained on Fox & Friends Monday morning. “Do you think if that happened to me, do you think they would take it out? They don’t only take things out, it feels like they add things. These people are the most dishonest people. CNN is so disgusting and dishonest.”

“She used the words ‘bombs’ also, by the way, that’s true” Trump continued. “I heard I was criticized for calling it correctly. What I said was exactly correct. I should be a newscaster because I called it before the news.”

“But what I said was exactly correct and everybody says ‘While he was right, he called it too soon.’ Okay, give me a break,” he complained.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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