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Trump Team Reportedly Wants RNC to Cover Legal Defense Costs for Russia Investigations

A new report is suggesting that some of President Trump‘s inner circle are trying to get the Republican National Committee to cover his legal bills as long as the administration continues to face questions related to the Russia investigations.

Washington Post ran an article on Thursday which explored how Trump’s unfiltered style is creating additional complications for the legal counselors defending him and his associates. The profile noted that some people want Trump to use the RNC’s legal defense fund to handle the costs of the White House’s legal representatives for matters pertaining to the inquiries.

Devlin Barrett, one of the contributing writers for this piece, appeared with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle and Ari Velshi on Friday to talk about what it means when Trump doesn’t listen to his team’s legal advice. Barrett explained how the administration’s lawyers are challenged not only by the new revelations about Donald Trump Jr., but also by the lack of cohesion in their defense arguments.

Barrett also defended his reporting with regard to the RNC:

“There have been some fairly robust…discussions about getting the Republican National Committee to pay for some of the president’s legal bills. I think that’s a hard sell in some ways to the RNC. They have their own things they want to pay for. But that shows you that there’s a lot of competing interests, let’s say, in how this gets resolved and who pays for what. The legal bills are going to be huge, no question.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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