Trump Tees Off on ‘Fake News’ at Nevada Rally: If They Were ‘On My Side,’ I’d Be at 100% Approval

President Donald Trump went on another riff against the “fake news” today, talking about how much better he would be doing if the media was “on my side.”

As he teed off calling the Democrats more radical, the President went on a tangent about being dinged in the media for using the word “babies,” presumably over his 60 Minutes interview. He riffed on whether it’s supposedly politically incorrect now before bringing up something else.

Trump talked about mock-apologizing for using the word “beautiful” to describe women “because if I don’t apologize, they [the media] will go wild tomorrow.”

“These people have lost their way,” he said. “They’ve gone loco. Headed by the crowd of fake news back there.”

And then Trump said this about the press:

“The single greatest ally that the Democrats have is the fake news media, because without that these crazy ideas, I can’t believe they’d go anywhere. You know, if I had the media on my side, and with what we’ve accomplished… if they were on my side instead of always everything is––they’ll take a big victory and try and make it into a loss, they’re very dishonest people––if they were on my side, I think I’d be at 100% right now. I really believe that.”

Watch above, via C-SPAN.

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