Trump Tells Reporters THEY Are Making Midterms About Him and Illegal Immigration: ‘You People Don’t Want to Cover’ Economy


On Sunday morning, the talk shows covered the idea that President Donald Trump hasn’t talked about the economy and instead focused on illegal immigration. Speaking to reporters, Trump said that it’s the media shifting the attention, not him.

Trump stressed several times during his remarks and answers in a brief Q&A before heading to Georgia that he has been focusing mainly on the Senate, and not the House, particularly due to the fact that it would impossible to hold rallies for the House.

“I think we’re gonna do well with the House,” he said. ‘My primary focus has been on the Senate, because there are so many people in the House, and that’s a lot of stops. But I have done some House work also. But I think we’re going to do well in the House.”

Whether Republicans retain control of the House or not is a big question, maybe the question, this election, and Trump putting his eggs in the Senate basket here could be seen as a sign of worry. He also said that the election is “not about” him, although he has said many times on the campaign trail the last few months that ‘a vote for” whichever candidate he is stumping with “is a vote for me.” Today what he said was slightly different.

“I don’t view this as for myself. You can. I mean, I see headlines in the New York Times that it’s really about me, and it’s not, really,” he said. “But I’ll accept that.”

Trump also touted the economy, and pushed back on the idea that he is changing the subject away from the economy.

“I do focus on the economy, but you people don’t like to cover that,” he said. He cited several positive economic indicators and statistics, saying “we have the greatest economy ever.”

“But you people don’t want to cover that,” he said. “You would much rather cover illegal immigration, which is okay for me too because frankly we are doing a great job at the border.”

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