Trump-Voting Farmer Blasts POTUS Over Trade War: ‘I’m Not Going to be Quiet’ Just Because He Calls Us ‘Patriots’


CNN aired an in-depth interview on Wednesday with one of several farmers they’ve spoke to for their decision to turn against Donald Trump after the president put them in the middle of the growing trade war between the U.S. and China.

Christopher Gibbs, an Ohio soybean farmer who voted for Trump in 2016, told CNN’s Kate Bolduan that the agricultural markets are in a “free-fall” and “we’re hurting” because they “just don’t have anywhere to go” with so much geopolitical turmoil. As Bolduan asked him about the government’s payouts to alleviate struggling farmers, Gibbs said he accepted the money last year, but said its a sign that the administration’s policy isn’t working, especially since those payouts are funded by the tariffs American importers are being forced to pay.

“When you buy goods from China to send out to U.S. consumers, those companies pay that and then they turn around and push that out for consumers to pay. So the president might push out more money to farmers but let’s be clear in where it’s coming from, and let’s let the taxpayer know it’s not coming from China. They need to know it. It’s appreciated by farmers for sure, but we would rather trade, we would rather have our markets back.”

After saying that he abandoned Trump because of how he “waffled” his Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin, Gibbs made it clear he wouldn’t be placated with the president calling farmers “patriots” and hoping they won’t turn on him.

“I’ve got to protect my business,” Gibbs said. “He said we were patriots. I’ll tell you what: to me, that’s just a design to make me continue to be quiet. And I’m not going to be quiet.”

Bolduan also asked Gibbs for what he thought of Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR), who defended the trade war by saying the sacrifices Americans would have to make is “pretty minimal compared to this sacrifices that our soldiers make overseas.” Gibbs said he’s “not going to have my patriotism questioned” by Cotton, and he continued to rebuke Trump for letting farmers take a hit “just so that the president can have a talking point” in terms of being tough on China.

Watch above, via CNN.

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