‘Trump Watch’ Day One: MSNBC Talks The Most About Trump

As we announced yesterday, Mediaite started an official Trump Watch™ to hold the cable news networks accountable for giving so much airtime to Donald Trump and his birther nonsense, while ignoring the other pressing issues of the day.

After one day, here’s the tally for how many times the cable networks have interviewed Trump:

CNBC – 1
CNN – 1
Fox – 1
HLN – 0
FBN – 0
(Source: TVEyes)

CNBC, CNN, and Fox were the only networks to interview Trump — all by phone. The CNBC interview barely focused on birtherism, while the other two turned into fiery debates, with an angry Trump lobbing insults at the respective hosts for bringing up the birther issue at all.

We also promised to count the total mentions of Donald Trump on each network. Here’s the day one tally:

MSNBC – 122
CNN – 101
Fox – 21
HLN – 13
FBN – 10
CNBC – 9
(Source: TVEyes)

CNN’s high count is not surprising since the network discussed and re-aired clips from Wolf Blitzer and Trump’s heated exchange in each hour of primetime programming.

But MSNBC’s high count — 101 times more than Fox News — is interesting given that they did not interview Trump at all. Perhaps the liberal commentators on the network see this Trump cycle as an opportunity to do some damage to the Romney campaign.

Check in tomorrow for a recap of today’s Trump coverage. Thus far, no Trump interviews today, but MSNBC and CNN are both likely to break yesterday’s record for Trump mentions.

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