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Trump’s First Wife Defends Ex Over S*hithole-gate: ‘Definitely Not Racist’

Ivana Trump defended the president against recent allegations of racism — which were made after Donald Trump reportedly said immigrants from developing nations are “people from shithole countries” — by saying that her ex-husband is “definitely not racist.”

While appearing on Good Morning Britain today, Ivana was grilled by host Piers Morgan on the question of the president’s bigotry.

“Lots of stuff at the moment about Donald being a racist inflammatory remarks that he’s said, and there’s been a lot of this in the past two years,” said Morgan, who noted that in his own friendship with Trump he’s never heard him make racist remarks.

He continued, asking,”Some of his comments in recent weeks, particularly the weekend, they’re borderline racist — whichever way you look at it. They are inflammatory, and they’re unpleasant. Is he a racist in your experience?”

“I don’t see Donald as racist at all. Sometimes he said these things, which are silly, or he doesn’t mean them at all, but he’s definitely not racist — I’m sure of that,” responded Ivana.

Throughout the election cycle, and even going back to his initial announcement to run in which he called undocumented Mexican immigrants “rapists,” many have called the president a racist — so this controversy is by no means new. However, it was relitigated a few days ago after Trump suggested immigrants from Haiti and African nations were from “shithole countries” in a closed-door meeting with lawmakers.

Aside from the bigotry accusations, Ivana reaffirmed Trump’s claim that he is a “very stable genius” after pundits and journalists began suggesting he is mentally unfit for office. “I don’t think Donald is going to do anything irrational. He is a stable genius, definitely. He is very stable, very focused, very organized. And when he sets his goal on something, he does it,” she said.

Watch above via Good Morning Britain.

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