Tucker Carlson Accuses CNN of Racial ‘Demagoguery’ and Trying ‘To Scare The Crap Out of People’

On Thursday night, Tucker Carlson went after CNN for pushing what he believes is a false narrative behind President Trump’s remarks about the NFL anthem protestors.

The Fox News host insisted that CNN “can’t resist” a ratings bonanza, even if it means “whipping people into fear and rage.”

He then played a montage including Don Lemon comparing Colin Kaepernick to Rosa Parks, CNN guest Spike Lee who believed Trump was referring to NFL owners as “plantation owners,” and Chris Cuomo saying Trump’s remarks was like telling NFL owners to “control your dog.”

“Dogs? Who said anything about dogs?” Carlson asked. “Nobody did, but it doesn’t matter. The image is horrifying and that’s the point. You can’t turn away from that. Now do you hate and fear your neighbor a little more after the end of that segment? Of course you do. Imagine if millions of people watching that kind of thing all day long. What would happen to the country? We’re finding out now.”

Discussing the NFL controversy with Democratic commentator Monique Pressley, Carlson piled on Cuomo for “making up a quote” and then “comments on the imaginary quote.”

Pressley pivoted from Cuomo’s analogy and focused on the reason the protests began in the first place- that people “who are living terrified every day just walking down the street” and that black men are “disproportionally stopped, disproportionally searched, disproportionally arrested, and disproportionally killed per capita in this country.”

“I’m not really hearing about, frankly, Tucker, a lot of people being afraid because of Chris Cuomo,” she rebuked.

Carlson doubled down, saying he has a problem with the “demagoguery” on CNN and other networks.

“When you’re going to tell a story, you have to tell the whole story,” Carlson continued, “or else you’re pushing a false story designed to scare the crap out of people. And that’s what they’re doing.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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