Tucker Carlson and Corrections Officer Talk About OJ Simpson’s Private Parts

The big news of the day centered on ex-football star OJ Simpson’s parole hearing, which ended with The Juice being granted his parole after serving nine years for armed robbery.

Well, one of the men who has grabbed his 15 minutes of fame surrounding this big news event is former corrections officer Jeffrey Felix, who claims he was Simpson’s “BFF” during OJ’s prison stint and wrote a self-published book about his relationship with Simpson.

This evening, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson brought on Felix to talk about his book and discuss the criticism’s Felix has received from Simpson and his legal team. And at one point, the conversation got very, very weird.

“I haven’t read your book, it’s on my nightstand,” Carlson stated. “Apparently you have a chapter describing his private parts? The whole chapter?”

“That was more my co-writer’s idea,” Felix responded. “After seeing that and after seeing him, I felt inadequate about myself.”

“OK…without getting into any more of those details, thank you very much, maybe that’s why he’s annoyed?” Tucker asked.

Felis countered with this:

“How can you be annoyed about that? That’s a compliment. If you say he’s not working with anything, that would be horrible.”

Tucker ended the short interview by saying that he’s “suddenly siding with OJ.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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