Tucker Carlson and Joe Concha Knock Media for ‘Gloating’ About DNC Debates: ‘Echo Chambers Are Quite Boring’

After his monologue taking on the DNC’s announcement that they’ll be excluding Fox News Channel from their debate schedule, Fox’s Tucker Carlson spoke with guest Joe Concha of The Hill, on that topic and, more specifically, the reaction of other media like CNN to the DNC’s decision.

CNN’s media critic Brian Stelter got particular attention from the two.

Tucker began by noting, as he did in the monologue, that Fox spoke up on behalf of CNN when reporter Jim Acosta had his press corps access revoked. “Fox defended CNN’s right to cover the White House, to cover American politics, in the form of an amicus brief on behalf of Jim Acosta, who is very hard to defend. But on principle we did it anyway,” he said. “And now Fox has been banned from hosting Democratic debates and they are gloating. Tell me how this works.”

“Well, for one, Jim Acosta has called Fox state-run TV on several occasions. Chris Cuomo just did this week, as has its senior chief media correspondent,” said Concha, referring to Stelter. “So, yeah, as you said it’s not returned in kind.”

Concha pointed out that when CNN contributor Donna Brazile fed debate questions to the Clinton campaign, CNN did not bring in outside investigators to look into it, as Fox did with sexual harassment allegations against Roger Ailes, and both Concha and Carlson agreed that the “very serious” lapse in journalistic ethics by the network didn’t “get a lot of coverage from their media critic.” Again, this was a reference to Brian Stelter, who was featured prominently in Carlson’s opening monologue.

“You talked about how, also said senior media correspondent talked about how Democrats are dehumanized on this network,” Concha brought up. “That doesn’t quite explain how then Tulsi Gabbard, who is a congresswoman from Hawaii, running for president, appeared on your show last week and then, after, tweeted out to hundreds of thousands of followers video of the segment.

Concha listed the many other Democratic presidential candidates who have given interviews on Fox News Channel, and added that it’s a necessary part of the campaign to go on networks that are reaching viewers outside one’s normal political circles. Carlson said that it’s good for the country to have “free exchange and open exchange of ideas.”

“Why wouldn’t CNN be in the business of encouraging a conversation rather than shutting one down,” Carlson said.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News Channel. Carlson’s monologue on the topic is here.

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