Tucker Carlson and U.S. Congressman Engage in Fiery Debate Over #TrumpRussia Conspiracies


Credit where due: though Fox News host Tucker Carlson may not have been the clear winner in last night’s debate with Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) over #TrumpRussia conspiracy theories, he does deserve a trophy for participating in the very discussion in which many other Americans are also currently engaged.

Did Trump bomb Syria purely due to Bashar al-Assad’s alleged use chemical weapons? Or was this a more cynical move to distance this administration from conspiratorial ties to Putin’s regime (as was suggested by Moulton.)

In a 12-minute segment on last night’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, Rep. Moulton floated the notion that perhaps the Trump White House sought to distract media attention with the recent attack on Syria. Moulton, a former Marine Corp officer, was among the first to laud the President for an effective and proportionate response to the use of chemical weapons. But Carlson wouldn’t let him off the hook, suggesting that the Massachusetts Democrat should be “embarrassed” by his conspiracy theories, mocking the congressman for his views, dismissing it as “a conspiracy so grand, so complex, so baroque, that I stand in awe of the possibility that’s real.”

Moulton is no shrinking violet and gives as good as he gets. Carlson tried to paint his guest with a wide brush from his palette of absurd mockery, it wasn’t effective. Though Moulton was clearly ostensibly booked so the Fox News audience could point and laugh, the Congressman’s calm demeanor and repeated calls for an independent investigation — of which Carlson agreed — is something one rarely sees on Fox News these days. And given the shifting political dynamics and low presidential approval ratings, one wonders if more than a few viewers on last night’s show may have been swayed by the guest.

But while Carlson may have given away his platform for some opposing talking points, he did win the night in terms of producing compelling cable news programming. And for that we will give him a blue ribbon.

Watch the segment above via Fox News.

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