Tucker Carlson Bashes Clinton’s Vegas Tweets: ‘Maybe You Should Know What You’re Talking About’

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson had Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) on tonight for a rousing debate about Hillary Clinton‘s much-maligned reaction to the shooting last night at a Las Vegas music festival.

The conversation began when Carlson brought up Clinton’s call for people to stand up to the NRA following the massacre. Swalwell defended Clinton’s tweets by pointing out that more people might’ve died last night if they didn’t hear shots ringing out, and he also noted Congress’ plan to only legislate on gun suppressor sales.

Carlson pointed out a problem in her argument on silencers and wondered how anyone is supposed to take Clinton seriously if she makes errant points in her push for gun control.

“If you are going to weigh in on, and we are all sort of obligated to take your opinion seriously, maybe you should know what you’re talking about, but she doesn’t,” Carlson argued. “I’m bringing this up is because it’s emblematic of this entire debate. Nobody pushing for gun control can name a single piece of gun control legislation that would have prevented this or any other shooting.”

Swalwell continued to argue that Congress should be able to find some preventative measure that would help keep weapons out of would-be criminal hands. Carlson, for his part, said Democrats aren’t interesting in a fact-based dialogue, and that Swalwell’s argument fits in with how tragedies get politicized.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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