Tucker Carlson Battles Democratic Strategist on Black Lives Matter: ‘It’s the Definition of Racism’


While much of cable news’ attention has been focused on Hurricane Harvey and the devastation it has unleashed on Texas, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson did find time tonight to get into a wild debate with a Black Lives Matter supporter.

After going back and forth with Democratic strategist and attorney LaDawn Jones over whether or not it was extremist and dangerous to compare President Donald Trump to Hitler, Carlson pivoted to Black Lives Matter. And he wanted to know if Jones would agree with him that the organization was racist.

Having asked Jones if she would say Trump and his supporters were racist if they excluded people of color from an event, the conservative commentator then brought up Black Lives Matter events that were for blacks only, pressing Jones to answer if she believes that’s racist.

“I don’t know which Black Lives Matter events have you gone to but I have gone to several Black Lives Matter protests and there are people of all colors, races and origins,” she answered, leading Carlson to mention “a bunch of news stories” about “black only” events. (Carlson had a heated segment earlier this year on one of these stories, a segment that eventually led to his guest losing her job.)

He added, “It’s the definition of racism to prevent people from coming to something based on how they look, based on their race. I think you would agree with that you already did agree with that how can black lives matter commit racism and be against it at the same time?”

“I don’t believe Black Lives Matter commits racism,” Jones stated. “I do believe that they make a platform for African-Americans to be able to have a discussion about things that are important to them.”

The two would tangle a bit more on the topic, with Carlson trying to get Jones to admit that BLM was committing racism by holding events meant for only blacks. And, much like other Carlson debates in the past, it ended with Tucker laughing at his guest before getting the last word.

“You just don’t want to take accountability for what is clearly racist,” he said as he ended the segment.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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