Tucker Carlson Battles National Organization for Women Leader Over Macy’s Selling Hijabs


Tucker Carlson devoted a significant portion of his show this evening to what has to be the biggest concern facing everyday Americans. No, not disgraced former White House aide Rob Porter. Not the Dow swing or the standoff over the government shutting down. Nothing like that.

Carlson wanted to talk about how Macy’s recently launched a fashion line for Muslim women, with the line even including, gasp, hijabs.

The Fox News host battled National Organization for Women President Sonia Ossorio over the move.

“This announcement was cheered by feminists and, it got me thinking, do you think Islam is a feminist religion?” he asked.

Ossorio said that all religions have oppressed women and noted that the Macy’s line is simply a smart business move.

“Muslim women in the United States have $44 million of buying power,” she said. “That’s pretty spectacular.”

Carlson, however, did not want to discuss buying power. He wanted to discuss “the clothing and its implications.”

“Do you think women should be coerced to dress modestly?” He asked, in what was surely something he actually wondered and not simply a way to catch Ossorio off guard. “Is that a feminist goal?”

Carlson continued to play quizmaster, finally asking Ossorio if she would think it was “empowering” if Macy’s sold a line of “Chinese foot-binding shoes” and asking “is there anything that’s not empowering?”

Carlson referred to himself as an “open-minded man” before asking the guest if “female genital mutilation” could be empowering, a question she did not even attempt to answer.

Anyways, thanks for keeping the outrage machine fed this evening, Tucker. It was hungry. It’s always hungry.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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