Tucker Carlson Bemoans Male Unemployment Rates in Latest ‘Men in America,’ And It’s So Gross


Calloo, callay, it’s Tucker Carlson again to regale us on the woes of men in America on his segment, “Men in America.” Give me just a second while I gouge my eyes out with a splintery wooden spoon. Okay, now I’ll explain the real torture: listening to this drivel.

The funniest thing (read: most stomach-churning and depressing thing) about Carlson’s segment tonight is his contention that admitting men are in crisis is not, in some way, insulting or demeaning or ignorant towards women or any minority group. As Tucker yammers on about how men are more likely to be depressed if they’re not working and a lot of historically male jobs can now be done by machines and women prefer to marry men who make more money than they do (?????), it’s just painfully obvious how fragile his masculinity is.

Tucker, newsflash: If you argue that men are in crisis, and you need to clarify that point by saying it’s not meant to mess with women, it’s totally messing with women.

I think we’re all in agreement that men could really use better opportunities because, hell, we could all use better opportunities. But when you say “X group is having a problem,” you imply that other groups are not having that problem — or at least a larger group isn’t having the same problem.

That’s to say nothing of Tucker’s post-hoc-ergo-propter-hoc arguments about marriage rates. First, he argues that studies show women are less attracted to men who make less money. There are a million reasons other than wage and attraction that could explain this kind of phenomenon, not the least of which is that people tend to like people who are enterprising and go-getting, regardless of gender. Perhaps worse, Tucker cites this bizarre trend: “When a randomly chosen woman makes more than a randomly chosen man, marriage rates decline.” Guess Tucker doesn’t think much of the notion that “marriage rates,” as he defines them, also might be affected by women no longer being forced into arranged marriages, having more opportunities for divorce, entering into same-sex marriages, or just not wanting to get married.

Mainly, though, Tucker’s insistence that men are having this major unemployment crisis should really fall on deaf ears because for a really large part of human history, one hundred percent of the people in the workforce were dudes. So truth be told, I don’t really care – and neither should you – about men’s unemployment rates. I do, however, care about unemployment rates. Just the “men” epithet in front of it is a massive screw you to everyone else – an enjoinment to “focus on the men for a second,” because like I said last week, we clearly haven’t done enough of that in the past forever.

If for some reason you want to hear Tucker’s nonsense, be my guest and watch it above, via Fox News.

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