Tucker Carlson: Lawrence O’Donnell, Joy Reid Are ‘Morons’ for Invoking Race to Slam John Kelly

On Friday night, Tucker Carlson went after MSNBC hosts Lawrence O’Donnell and Joy Reid for accusing Gen. John Kelly of racism for his criticisms of Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL).

The Fox News host began by going after Wilson for insisting that the term Kelly used “empty barrel” was racist after she “looked it up in the dictionary.”

“The definition isn’t there, by the way,” Carlson reacted (he later noted the term was coined by the philosopher Plato and used by William Shakespeare).  “What you are looking at is another fake politician alleging yet more fake bias crimes to hide her own failures. You would think Democrats would be embarrassed by the routine by now. It’s tired and absurd, not to mention divisive and dumb. Who’s not sick of it at this point? But nope, Democrats still willing to defend it.”

He then went after O’Donnell for accusing Kelly of trying to “de-humanize” her and used his upbringing in Irish Catholic Boston to insinuate that the “empty barrel” terminology was used back then as a racial slur. He also called out Reid for the following tweeting:

“This is grotesque, obviously,” Carlson reacted. “The morons making these arguments are sick. It’s a symptom of disease to imagine racism behind every disagreement. It’s also by the way the death of traditional political debate. You can argue with people who disagree with you who are just wrong but there is no reasoning with bigots. You can only crush them. Your opponents suddenly become your enemies. They must be destroyed. That is how many on the left see General Kelly, not to mention you and me.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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