Tucker Carlson Calls on Trump to ‘Lay Off Jeff Sessions’: ‘Don’t Shoot the Friendlies!’


Much of the non-OJ news today centered on President Donald Trump’s wide-ranging and eye-opening interview with the New York Times. One of the big takeaways from his conversation with the paper was his harsh criticism of Attorney General Jeff Sessions over Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from the Russia probe.

Tonight, Fox News host Tucker Carlson implored the president to pull back on the attacks on Sessions because the attorney general is one of the few allies he has in Washington.

Noting that Trump likely lashed out at Sessions because he’s the subject of a “vague open-ended investigation” and that it’s “terrifying,” Carlson went on to criticize POTUS for his actions.

“Yet, attacking Jeff Sessions was still a useless, destructive act,” he said. “The first rule in politics, as in war, as in life: Don’t shoot the friendlies!”

After stating that Sessions is the closest ally Trump has in the administration and the one who made the biggest sacrifice by giving up a Senate seat he could have held forever, Tucker listed off all of the ways Sessions is trying to implement Trump’s agenda.

“He is likely the most effective member of the Trump Cabinet,” the conservative commentator stated.

“Going forward, pay a little less attention to The New York Times and a little more to Matt Drudge,” he begged the president. “And for God’s sake, lay off Jeff Sessions.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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