Tucker Carlson Calls to Ban Smartphones For Children: Over Time, Phones Can ‘Kill’ Kids


Fox News host Tucker Carlson embarked on a deep dive decrying the detrimental effects of smartphone and social media use on children Thursday night, coming to a radical conclusion: ban smartphones for kids.

Carlson’s gripe with social media is psychological: “the sum total of human knowledge resides right in your pocket,” he concedes, but we have lost “the capacity to concentrate” because of our obsessive reliance on smartphones.

“The cost of all of this progress has been high. The signs are all around us: endemic loneliness, a rising suicide rate, a country where two groups of people hate each other.

It’s particularly bad for children, Carlson argues: “The average teen spends an average of nine hours a day staring at a screen.”

Studies cited by the Fox News host point out that “smartphones have made our kids dumber… but they’ve also made our kids less happy.”

“If you’re a parent, it’s obvious,” he continued. “Smartphone use makes your kids sadder, slower and more isolated. And over time, can kill them.”

“Parents need help,” Carlson continued. “There’s no reason that the Congress, which made smartphones possible in the first place, shouldn’t be part of the solution.”

“So here’s an idea: ban smartphone use for children. Pass a federal law tomorrow. Why wouldn’t we do that? An addictive product that science has determined gravely harms kids. Sound familiar?”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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