Tucker Carlson Calls View Hosts ‘Unhinged’ For Saying Women’s Word is Enough


During a segment during Tucker Carlson‘s show on Fox News Thursday night, Carlson took the hosts of The View to task for a segment on their show claiming that a woman’s word is enough in cases of sexual assault.

After airing a clip from The View showing lawyer Sunny Hostin talking about a woman’s word in sex assault cases, Carlson had on Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz to talk about due process.

“You just heard a very specific legal claim that it is now the law in the United States that, and I’m quoting, ‘a woman’s word is enough.’ That’s it. Is that true?” Carlson asked.

“Technically it is true, the law was changed some years ago, and I think it was a good change, that you don’t need corroboration to make a case,” Dershowitz explained.

Dershowitz, who agreed Hostin’s legal analysis on The View was “correct” technically, added the caveat: “Women do lie. Women lie for economic reasons. I agree that most women tell the truth but most isn’t enough to convict somebody. You need proof beyond a reasonable doubt.”

“So you’re allowed to doubt a woman’s word, that’s still legal,” Tucker pressed. “Is this a sex-selective question? Is it do we believe women more than we believe men?”

“First of all not only are you allowed, but if you’re on a jury you are obliged to presume the innocence of the defendant which means you cannot presume that the witness is telling the truth,” Dershowitz replied sticking to legalese.

Meanwhile, as Carlson and Dershowitz talked, the chyron blared this takeaway: “Unhinged Hosts of ‘The View’ Strike Again.”

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