Tucker Carlson Chides Media For Not Getting His Trump Eclipse Joke


Last night, we here at Mediaite — OK, it was me — covered a short segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight in which host Tucker Carlson remarked that President Donald Trump staring at the sun without glasses was “perhaps the most impressive thing any president has done.”

As noted in our piece, Carlson made the comment without a hint of sarcasm and quickly moved on from it, leading many to state that parody had met reality and Snopes’ Brooke Binkowski to declare that it wasn’t satire.

Well, this evening, Carlson addressed the matter and knocked those in the media who didn’t get that he was obviously joking with his Trump/eclipse observation. (A Fox News spokesperson had told us earlier that it was a joke, with Carlson adding that it was a test for liberals to see if they were “as slow and humorless as people claim.”)

“So there you had the President of the United States beating the very axis of the solar system in a staring contest,” Carlson stated after showing last night’s clip. “Top that, Louisiana Purchase, Emancipation Proclamation, Normandy invasion, interstate highway system. You can’t. Because as we said, it’s the single most impressive thing a president has ever achieved.”

After mockingly claiming he was “every bit as self-serious and humor deficient as any Washington journalist and probably almost as dumb,” the Fox News host went on to point out outlets who covered his little quip, including yours truly.

He ended by taking some shots at Binkowski, noting it is ironic that she’s with a fact-checking and myth-busting site but didn’t bother to call him up to find out the truth about the joke.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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