comScore Tucker Carlson Claims America Isn't Racist Because 'We've Had a Ton of Intermarriages'

Tucker Carlson Claims America Isn’t Racist Because ‘We’ve Had a Ton of Intermarriages’

Embattled Fox News host Tucker Carlson tackled the issue of slavery reparations, and it went exactly how you think it went, with Carlson observing that America can’t be a “racist country” because “we’ve had a ton of intermarriages.”

On Tuesday night’s edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight, the extended “My Pillow” ads were broken up by segments like the one in which Carlson puzzled over the issue of reparations for American descendants of slavery, delicately introducing the subject as people being “rewarded or punished based on their skin color.”

Carlson, who is under fire over bigoted and sexist remarks he’s made over the years, then played some clips of Democratic presidential candidates discussing reparations, and introduced his guest, Professor Jason Nichols.

“I actually agree slavery is America’s original sin, and has had consequences that have rippled through the centuries,” Carlson allowed, and asked “but what do you do about it?

“Because it’s actually not a very racist country, we’ve had a ton of intermarriage, and even more immigration over the 150 years since slavery ended,” he added. Actually, interracial marriage was not fully legal in the United States until the Supreme Court’s 1967 decision in Loving v. Virginia.

Carlson then puzzled over the intricacies of determining eligibility, asking “How exactly would this work? How would you decide who gets rewarded and who doesn’t?”

“Number one I don’t think we should think of it as a reward,” Nichols said,” We should think of it as a debt being paid that has been owed for a long time. The idea of reward or punishment is…”

Carlson cut him off, asking “The money, who gets the money?”

As the professor tried to explain that reparations would be owed to the descendants of enslaved Africans, Carlson continued to cut him off, asking for “specifics” like “If my ancestors came in 1980, am I on the hook for paying?”

Carlson also asked if reparations could mean an end to affirmative action, but Nichols patiently explained that reparations are meant to address “economic issues that are involved or that came from the institution of slavery,” while “affirmative action and many of the other programs that have been used to address discrimination, a lot of times they are used to address discrimination right now.”

“So let me just be clear, we pay reparations, but we keep affirmative action,” Carlson mused.

When Nichols explained that white women have been the primary beneficiaries of affirmative action, Carlson chimed in that “the system has been scammed like no other, nobody should have been a beneficiary,” then attacked Elizabeth Warren.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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