Tucker Carlson Clashes With Alan Colmes Over Trayvon Case: ‘Professional Race-Baiting’ Is ‘Foolish’

On Wednesday morning, Tucker Carlson and Alan Colmes took to Fox News to debate the media coverage of the Trayvon Martin case. Carlson took issue with the president’s comment, and furthermore, argued that “professional race-baiters” need to hold off on making assumptions when we don’t yet know all the facts about the incident.

Colmes warned against jumping to conclusions, since information is still coming out and we don’t yet have the whole picture. We shouldn’t make this a partisan issue, he argued, “There are all kinds of misinformation coming in as well. We can’t make determinations until we have all the facts, obviously.”

Carlson, who said The Daily Caller has sent several reporters to Florida, noted that “the one thing you learn this covering specific crimes is you really don’t know as much as you think you do. It always changes.” He continued:

“For people to weigh in, for professional race-baiters, like the ones you just saw on television, or the president himself to weigh in and make it a simple parable about white racism is very foolish. Because it may not turn out to bolster that accusation, for one. And for another, do you really want to have a conversation about who kills who in this country? Do you want to look at statistics? This is not a conversation that political figures should be weighing in on at all.”

The president’s remark, Carlson argued, clearly makes the case that Martin was killed based on his looks — which is not something we know to be fact.

Colmes disputed, “If a white boy had been shot and a white president said he could be my son, nobody would have said a word about it.” Obama, he said, “wasn’t playing the race card at all.”

Carlson disagreed. “People are shot every day tragically, and the president doesn’t weigh in on it,” he said. “He weighed in on it because it’s a racially charged case, and he shouldn’t have done that.”

Host Martha MacCallum said she thought the president was very careful in the way he worded his statement, which Carlson also disagreed with. “There’s a reason that the congressional black caucus and the completely irresponsible congresswoman from Florida you just saw are weighing in on this. As is Al Sharpton, as are the entire anchor line-ups of a couple other cable networks,” he said. “Because they are making this into a case based on race. It maybe. We just don’t know that. You shouldn’t say that.”

Take a look at the segment, via Fox News:

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