Tucker Carlson Decries Coronavirus ‘Censorship’: How Long Until They Say ‘Fox News Must Be Suppressed’ for Public Health?


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson took a moment Tuesday night to decry “censorship” on social media over coronavirus.

In the past few days, Twitter has taken down tweets from public figures like Rudy Giuliani about hydroxychloroquine, for violating Twitter rules on coronavirus misinformation.

Twitter (and Facebook) also removed posts from Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro for similar reasons after he questioned the need for a quarantine.

Carlson said Bolsonaro “could be completely wrong about that, might also be completely right, we don’t know,” before saying, “Big tech does not believe you should be allowed to think about this.”

“Twitter is censoring comments that say unapproved things about hydroxychloroquine, the antimalaria drug that has shown some promise,” he continued. “Is the drug known for certain to be effective? No it’s not. But some doctors and researchers on the front lines think it works and they are treating patients with it right now. The FDA just approved it. Yet because the media are partisan and stupid, their position is hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work and could never work and if you disagree with that will make you shut up.”

And he even speculated to viewers that it may not stop there:

“It’s just too tempting to use a crisis to achieve your political objectives. Soon they’ll be telling you that Fox News, not China, caused this pandemic. In fact, many are saying that now. How long before they start claiming that in the name of public health, Fox News must be suppressed? Paranoid? Okay, you watch. That’ll happen.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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