Tucker Carlson: Democrats Were Caught Unprepared For Newt Gingrich’s Rise


On Fox News’s Red Eye Thursday morning, Tucker Carlson thought Democrats were surprised by the sudden surge by Newt Gingrich to the front of the Republican presidential race. “I think they were caught completely unprepared for Newt’s rise,” Carlson observed. “I don’t think they understand the Republican Party. I don’t think the Republicans understand the Republican Party very well right now. And I think they sincerely think that Gingrich, while smart and interesting and clearly connecting with voters in a way that Romney isn’t, that he is so undisciplined and disorganized that he would be easy to beat.”

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Greg Gutfeld earlier surmised that the Democrats were setting up Republicans in being sympathetic towards Gingrich so that they nominated Romney instead, who would ultimately be more beatable. Carlson disagreed with Gutfeld’s assertion.

Comedian Sherrod Small thought Gingrich had a lot of great qualities as a candidate. “I like Newt. He spices things up a little bit. He is a smart dude…He is not a flip-flopper. Nobody can call him that. So I think it is good Romney and him go against each other.”

“Newt has been able to brand himself as a tea party candidate,” added Newsmax columnist Jedediah Bila, and remarked how unusual it was that the “most established candidate” became the “outsider candidate.” “The year of the tea party and everybody wants a fresh face, maybe a governor we didn’t know about. No, it is Newt Gingrich who has been there as long as anyone!”

Watch Red Eye’s panelists try to explain the sudden success of Newt Gingrich below via Fox News:

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