Tucker Carlson Dismisses Flag Flying and Anthem Singing as ‘Silly Civic Rituals’

Why does Tucker Carlson hate America?

Judging by his comments tonight — in which he dismissed flag flying and “anthem singing” as “silly civic rituals” at a time when the President of the United States is calling for a boycott of the NFL because players are not showing proper respect to these very important rituals — one can only surmise Carlson has his own deep-seeded disrespect for great American icons. Seem far-fetched? Watch the clip and see for yourself.

Quick context: At the root of the debate between NFL players pre-game protests and President Donald Trump’s “great anger” rhetoric in opposition, is the question of how we, as Americans, should behave and show respect for both the American flag and the national anthem.

President Trump and his supporters seem to believe that the flag and anthem are sacred symbols that represent freedom, liberty and the ultimate sacrifice that our military heroes gave to defend our country. They have called for boycotting the NFL in great disgust and frustration with what they see as petulant and spoiled millionaires, while the NFL protestors are more focused on what they see as racial inequity, especially regarding police brutality (and which now just seems to have morphed into an anti-Trump protest).

This was the lead subject of Tucker Carlson Tonight, and the host had Scott Bolden on as his guest to discuss this matter, who is the chair of the national bar association’s political action committee, and supports the NFL players protesting the flag. The discussion went about exactly how one might expect until Carlson dismissed flag flying and national anthem singing as “silly civic rituals.”

After Carlson expressed ignorance about what issues the protestors were actually protesting, Bolden expressed reasonable incredulity, saying “clearly you were not listening to it if you don’t think that’s what they’re protesting.”

Carlson replied with “here’s the truth, we fly the flag, we sing the anthem, we do all the silly civic rituals because we don’t have a lot in common otherwise as Americans.” He then follows by saying “when you start attacking national symbols it raises the obvious question, which is why are we all united as one? What do we have in common? I’m serious.”

So Carlson apparently believes that flying the flag and singing the anthem are “silly civic rituals” but also believes that kneeling in protest is “attacking national symbols.” An objective observer might think that Carlson is just exhibiting shallow and craven behavior that comes with the territory of hosting a biased opinion program ostensibly disguised as a news program, or in other words, is just spewing “silly” (and empty) rhetoric.

Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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