Tucker Carlson: ‘Factually Insane’ for Clinton to Say Trump Inauguration Speech Was White Nationalist


Tucker Carlson tonight faced off with a Democratic strategist over Hillary Clinton‘s comments about President Trump‘s “cry from the white nationalist gut” at his inauguration.

Carlson said to guest Michael Starr Hopkins that while he thought it was good of her to attent the inauguration, “To say this, though, it diminishes her, it divides the country, and it’s factually insane.”

He said Trump talked about wanting to rebuild America’s inner cities and asked “how is that a white nationalist speech.”

Hopkins said Trump was speaking of the idea that “urban cities are nothing but forgotten places where African-Americans are nothing but criminals.”

He told Carlson that people shouldn’t “pretend that Donald Trump really wants to fix the problems that ail Chicago,” and Carlson shot back that “if you were really a racist, if you were a white nationalist who wanted to hurt non-white people, you would be pretty psyched about what’s going on Chicago.”

“If you were a racist,” he again said, “you would not be concerned about what is happening in the south side of Chicago. You wouldn’t be concerned about Detroit, I guess you’d be applauding it. And he’s doing the opposite.”

He went back to Clinton and said she should “should stop talking this way because there’s no evidence that it’s true, and it scares the crap out of people.”

Carlson argued that “the race stuff” leaves “permanent scars” and does nothing but divide the country. Hopkins asked if he really doesn’t believe Trump “exploited white people’s fears after Obama.”

Carlson said he thinks Obama “hurt America” and that Trump’s election was, in part, “a reaction against that.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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