Tucker Carlson Felt Really Bad About Comey’s Treatment of Hillary Clinton; Archives Reveal Otherwise


Shallow and craven.

Two words often used to describe the very worst of the cable news punditry that shifts positions when it is politically expedient for one’s agenda. For example, consider Tucker Carlson‘s response to Brit Hume‘s suggestion last night that James Comey‘s handling of the Hillary Clinton email affair was “terribly unfair.”

Mr. Carlson would like for us to believe that he also was upset by how “unfairly” Comey was to Hillary, who notably released a letter just days before a general election that, some believe, may have been a tipping point which led to her losing the election.

But it wasn’t just the way that Comey treated Hillary, Carlson also said the reaction of Republicans (at the time) was distasteful, saying “you saw Republicans taking pleasure and at the time and I thought that was wrong.” He then added “you shouldn’t have an FBI director weighing in like that”

So brave.

Is Tucker Carlson the transcendent figure that can cross the bitter partisan divide that so ails our nation? Maybe. Or perhaps he’s just full of it.

Take a look at how Carlson reacted to the Comey letter the day after it was released in an interview with Washington Times columnist — and former Mediaite Loser of the DayCharles Hurt below. Midway through the interview, Carlson mocks his fellow journalists (namely David Gregory) for focusing not on Hillary, and “how she got us here in this moment of chaos,” but how they unfairly blame Comey for doing his job. Huh.

So to recap. Last night Carlson claimed that Comey treated Hillary unfair, and that he thought GOP schadenfreude was bad. But back in October, he thought it absurd that the media would focus on Comey’s treatment of Hillary instead of blaming Ms. Clinton for a moment of chaos.

Watch the clips above and below, courtesy of Fox News.

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