Tucker Carlson Floats Possibility Of White House Coordination With David Brock’s Super PAC

The Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson appeared on Wednesday’s Fox & Friends to discuss the two’s ongoing look into Media Matters and the liberal media research organization’s founder, David Brock.

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Carlson explained that Brock’s Super PAC has teamed up with George Soros, who gave a million dollars to the PAC, and other big Democratic donors whose identities have been kept secret. Brock, he added, had coordinated with the White House is for the Obama campaign under Media Matters, which is something a Super PAC is legally barred from doing. “We have documented coordination between Brock and the White House,” said Carlson, “and yet he’s also running the Super PAC.”

“That is clear violation of campaign law,” said host Steve Doocy, later calling President Obama’s stance on Super PACs “hypocritical,” particularly since he has “embraced them now that he’s in a tough go.”

He later wondered whether the Super PAC’s donation could be used to promote Media Matters’ mission to “take down Fox News.”

Have a look, via Fox News:

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