Tucker Carlson, Fox Guest Go After Obama ‘Double Standard’: Is He ‘The Biggest Leaker Of Them All?’

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the biggest leaker of them all?” asked Tucker Carlson on Wednesday’s Fox & Friends. President Obama and Edward Snowden? Carlson was joined by author Victor Davis Hanson, as they discussed the president’s “double standard” regarding the administration leaking as well as prosecuting leakers.

The president is outraged by Snowden’s leaks yet the administration does leak classified information when it serves to better their own image, Carlson observed, pointing to the Osama bin Laden raid as an example. The pair agreed on a “double standard.”

Hanson argued that the administration’s leaks went beyond just the bin Laden raid — and now they’ve “lost credibility on this issue.” The irony, Carlson added, is that no other administration has been tougher in going after leakers.

“You can’t simultaneously argue that the U.S. intelligence agencies are all powerful and then at the same time watch the incompetence with which they have handled this,” Carlson asserted in response to the Hanson’s argument about competence.

It’s especially bad to be seen as “impotently incompetent,” Hanson chimed in.

Shifting gears slightly, Carlson also contended that Obama’s rhetoric appears to be tougher on his domestic opponents than international ones.

“I just wish he would use the word enemies against people abroad,” Hanson added. “Substitute the word conservative, Republicans and put in Chavez or Putin and we’d have a pretty tough president.”

Take a look, via Fox News:

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