Tucker Carlson Goes After ‘Fraud’ Fauci Following Jim Jordan Exchange: He Won’t Offend the ‘Popular, Fashionable Left’


Tucker Carlson blasted Dr. Anthony Fauci Friday night following an exchange between the infectious disease expert and Congressman Jim Jordan over public gatherings, specifically protests.

Accompanied by a mocking “Dear Leader” graphic, Carlson said, “He’s one of the forces behind the mass quarantines that tanked the economy and put millions out of work. He says it’s worth it, though, because the threat is just so profound.”

He showed the exchange between Fauci and Jordan, when the Ohio Republican pressed Fauci about protests and Fauci said “I’m not going to opine on limiting anything.”

Carlson credited Jordan for the exchange and said, “There is nothing Dr. Anthony Fauci won’t opine on as long as it doesn’t offend the popular and fashionable left.”

He even said that, in response to Fauci’s comments about the measures Americans needs to take, “Fauci is 79, but maybe if he had like 22-year-old kids who were trying to make their way in this world in an economy that is headed down the tubes, thanks largely to his recommendations, he would feel differently. It’s not merely an inconvenience when your economy collapses. It’s the end of the American dream. That’s not a small thing. Maybe it’s worth it. Maybe it’s not, but if it is, then you probably shouldn’t take a pass on the question ‘are protests are riots okay?’ Unless you’re a total fraud, like a complete fraud.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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