Tucker Carlson Goes Off on Republicans for ‘Abandoning’ People in ‘Moment of Crisis’: Now ‘We Know Who They Are’


Tucker Carlson opened his show Friday night going after Republicans for not doing more to stand up and speak out in the last few weeks of protests and riots.

He told viewers that despite how “disorganized” Democrats have been in the past few years, “suddenly out of nowhere, they roared back and took over the country.”

And they accomplished it, he said, because “nobody stopped them, there was no opposition to their power grab.”

“You vote for Republicans to protect you from this, but when the moment of crisis came, Republicans ran away,” Carlson continued, going off on the protests and riots happening around the country:

“Republicans refused even to defend the principle of equality under the law, the foundation of this country, the most important thing we have. Not defend it. Really, in the end, the only people who gave anything in the revolution were the ones waging it. Our leaders, very much including a Republican leaders, shamefully, were focused on meeting their demands. So what should we conclude from what we just saw? The message unfortunately could not be clearer. Voting is for fools. You vote, you put these people into office with their votes, and in return they patronize you and when it matters, they abandon you. They have contempt for you, you know they do, you can smell it, it’s obvious. Voting doesn’t work. But when you riot and you burn things and you hurt people, you get a very different response.”

Carlson invited viewers to imagine a scenario in summer 2011 if “violent mobs of Mitt Romney supporters” started rioting and tore down statues and people wearing Obama hats were assaulted and “anyone who spoke out against the mobs or showed support for Obama’s campaign was censored or deplatformed.”

“How do you think Barack Obama would have responded?” Carlson asked. “By tweeting angry things? By effectively apologizing to the mob, meeting their demands for ‘reform,’ and then declaring a new national holiday at their request? Probably not. It’s hard to imagine Barack Obama doing that, it’s hard to imagine him complaining that as President of the United States he didn’t have the power to stop political violence or preserve the integrity of an election or protect free speech or public art or the nation’s history itself. No, that would not happen. Instead, within about 10 minutes you would see the Obama Justice Department indict every single person involved on federal conspiracy and civil rights charges.”

Despite the comparison to Obama, Carlson did not criticize President Donald Trump directly, and continued blasting “Republican leaders” more generally.

“Say what you will about Barack Obama, and we do, but he never doubted he had the constitutional authority to act and he did act. Obama knew a threat when he saw one. Our Republican leaders don’t believe they have the authority, they don’t believe they’re legitimate, they don’t see the threat, they don’t want to see the threat because they know they can’t face the mob, they know they’re too weak, and so they offer trinkets and hope the mob will go away, but it won’t, mobs can’t be sated. We thought Republicans understood that, that’s why we supported them, but crisis has revealed the truth. Now we know who they are. It could not be clearer, and now it’s time to find new leaders.”

You can watch above, via Fox news.

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