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Tucker Carlson Grills Sen. Loeffler on Stock Dump: You Put Out a Video Saying the Economy Was Fine

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson last night went on a tear against Senator Richard Burr over his massive stock dump and tonight confronted another senator under scrutiny for the same, Senator Kelly Loeffler.

Loeffler has insisted she was not involved in the decision-making. When Carlson directly asked her “who specifically made that decision for you and on what basis,” she said it was “financial advisors that are charged with conducting trades in our portfolios… I am informed only after those trades are made.”

Even granting that, Carlson showed the senator the video she posted to Twitter on March 10th saying “the good news is the consumer is strong, the economy is strong, jobs are growing”:

Carlson asked Loeffler if she should not have, in retrospect, put out a video saying “the economy’s fine.”

Loeffler said that the situation has changed rapidly in the past few months. Carlson jumped in to point out this was just last month, asking if nothing really “trip[ped] any bells for you” or seemed “ominous” to her.

“I’m just wondering about the broader question of assuring the public that the economy’s fine and coronavirus can be managed when of course given your position you know that’s not true,” he said.

Loeffler pushed back by pointing to recent strong unemployment reports.

Carlson also pressed Loeffler on what consequences, if any, her colleague Richard Burr should face. You can watch above, via Fox News.

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