Tucker Carlson Guest Says LGBT Resistance is Trolling Trump With Stormy Daniels Day


A California radio host appeared on Tucker Carlson‘s Fox News show to explain Stormy Daniels Day — and the primetime guest found it so preposterous he called it “insane.”

Radio show host Ethan Bearman, on to provide commentary of Daniels being honored by her own day and getting a key to the city in the California town, told Carlson that Stormy Daniels day was actually a plan by the LGBT community to troll Trump.

“Here’s the deal,” Bearman opined. ” West Hollywood is known for its LGBT community. The Trump administration, regardless of the rhetoric from President Trump on the campaign trail, has not been particularly LGBT-friendly. The city has chosen to use her to celebrate her. She is fighting the president.”

Even Carlson said that was “absurd.”

Carlson then just egged his guest on.

“Should we he be celebrating her industry? Is it an empowering industry for women, do you think?” Carlson asked facetiously.

Bearman then tried to bring the conversation back to his LGBT-blaming theory linking Stormy Daniels day to the LGBT’s dislike of Trump.

“Wait, hold on. A straight woman who said she had a voluntary sexual encounter with a straight man is somehow a symbol of LGBT resistance? Speak slowly so I can understand,” Carlson carried on.

Bearman was baited once again.

“No one in this is gay,” Carlson then said, not buying Bearman’s claims at all.  “This is actually insane.”

Bearman did not give up and carried on, ultimately trying to link Stormy Daniels Day to Michael Cohen.

Watch the absurdity above, via CNN.

Correction: An original version of this article said Berman was “blaming” the LGBT community for trolling Trump, when he was actually endorsing the day. The post has been updated to reflect Berman’s comments. 

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