Fox News Guest Goes There: Hillary Clinton Is ‘Sort of Bitter’ And ‘Shrill and Angry’


You’d think that folks appearing on cable news would have learned long ago not to use the S-word when talking about a woman, but here we are.

During tonight’s Good Friday broadcast of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Fox News host Tucker Carlson brought on professor Victor Davis Hanson to share his thoughts on dictatorships and what they “do first to prepare the way for totalitarian rule.” And Hanson took that opportunity to rail against Hillary Clinton for a couple of minutes.

After noting that Clinton had said in a speech that dictatorships “destroy trust and transparency,” Hanson then said it was ironic because the former First Lady came into the national scene because of controversy over a cattle futures investment. This led Hanson to then toss out a number of other scandals and conspiracies involving Clinton, including Uranium One.

Hanson went on to note that Clinton was only paid $25,000 for a recent speech at Rutgers, stating that if she had given it a couple of years ago she would have received “100 times that amount” due to her level of influence at the time.

“And so now she doesn’t have it and she is sort of bitter and she is shrill and angry,” Hanson declared. “But she is engaged in projection where she is fobbing off the perceived sins of herself on to others.”

Yep, Hanson said Clinton was shrill, which is something that pundits and Donald Trump were criticized for during the 2016 election. And it led to quite a bit of conversation during that time over the use of that term to describe a woman’s voice.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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