Tucker Carlson Hits CNN’s Jeff Zucker For Fox News ‘Propaganda’ Slam: He’s an ‘Agent of Foreign Governments’


On Thursday night, Tucker Carlson took a moment to address CNN chief Jeff Zucker‘s attacks towards Fox News, calling the network a “pure propaganda machine.”

Speaking at the Financial Times Future of News event, Zucker accused the competing cable news network of being “state-run TV” that does “an incredible disservice to this country.”

Well, one Fox News host in particular had quite a response.

“There are a lot a ways to respond to a charge like that. I worked for Jeff Zucker once actually. We can spend the rest of this hour reminiscing about it,” Carlson began. “But instead, let’s consider the humor. ‘State-run TV?’ Now we know on some level, all criticism is self-criticism. You accuse others of being what you secretly know you are. But even by the usual standards of Freudian projection, Jeff Zucker has made an amazing claim.”

Carlson then invoked CNN Turk, Turkey’s own CNN network, and how a pro-Erdogan group bought them out.

“Jeff Zucker’s network is now in effect doing business with the authoritarian, Islamist, and highly anti-American Erdogan government,” Carlson said. “In Turkey, where it actually matters. CNN is literally state-run TV. Zucker didn’t mention that in his remarks today, weirdly.”

He also mentioned CNN Philippines and how it’s partly controlled by the government of Rodrigo Duterte, who he calls “Jeff Zucker’s business partner.”

“Jeff Zucker has escaped the scrutiny of say RT, the cable channel that late last year was forced to register as an agent of a foreign government,” Carlson continued.  Yet, Jeff Zucker is also an agent of foreign governments. He takes their money, he runs their propaganda. He hides their internal repression and runs penguin videos instead. What else is Jeff Zucker doing? Good question. Maybe we could use a congressional hearing or two to find out.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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