Tucker Carlson Hits Columnist For Trump Criticism…After Brian Stelter Predicted It Would Happen

Tucker Carlson fulfilled Brian Stelter‘s expectations to a tee on Monday night when he used a segment from Reliable Sources in order to bash one of the CNN host’s guests from this weekend.

During a segment on Donald Trump‘s last few days of incendiary tweets, Carlson said he wanted to find out who in the media had the most over-the-top reaction to the president’s general refusal to acknowledge Russian election-meddling. The Fox host put the spotlight on Washington Post‘s Karen Tumulty, who joined CNN on Sunday and wondered what it would’ve been like if Franklin D. Roosevelt had Trump’s attitude when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in WWII.

After Tumulty finished explaining her metaphor, Stelter offered a prophecy:

“You know what will happen, someone on Fox News will take what you just said and say how dare you compare this to Pearl Harbor.”

Carlson walked right into Stelter’s prediction, snarking that “someone on Fox News might be a reasonable person and subject the analogy to critical analysis.” Carlson moved on by brushing off columnist Max Boot, who made a similar analogy about Trump and 9/11 in a Washington Post op-ed.

Watch above, via Fox News

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